Climate, Culture & Engagement

Culture is airborne, socially transmitted explicitly and implicitly - it's what we are taught and what we observe.
Organisational Culture and Climate, including employee engagement are separate but related.

Engagement is the WHAT

  • It affects feelings
  • It is easy to see
  • It is easy to change
  • It is what most organisations act on
  • It is the predictor of short-term performance


Climate is the HOW

  • It is demonstrated by artefacts: visible representations
  • It is represented by peoples perceptions e.g. structures & systems
  • It is represented by espoused values
  • It is characterised by implicit and explicit decisions made by leaders


Culture is the WHY

  • It is represented by norms & expectations
  • It is the underlying beliefs & assumptions
  • Culture is harder to see
  • Culture is harder to change
  • Culture is a better long term predictor of performance