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Resilience Kits for Leaders

Published on 01 Apr 2020

Human Synergistics' Resilience Kit has been designed to give practitioners the capacity to help leaders increase their resilience and ability to mindflex through any circumstance.

Why a Resilience Kit?
It’s fair to say that 2020 has thrown the world a curve ball we could not have predicted. It has caught most of us off guard. Leaders are now facing the more complex challenges of supporting their team to maintain a positive focus in difficult conditions, to keep delivering under difficult circumstances conceivably with more demands and increased pressure. Leaders may need to do this from home, with the whole family in residence in and amongst a host of other responsibilities.

What’s included? Capture 1
The Resilience Kit includes:
1. LSI 1 IBI Kit
2. LSI 1 Interactive SDG PDF (New)
3. Thinking Guide (New)
4. Reflective Journal and Workbook (New)
5. RISE technique – Self directing coaching notes that enables Leaders to redirect their thinking from negative defensive thoughts to positive constructive ones (New)

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RISE is a technique developed by Human Synergistics to help leaders redirect to a more focused, constructive mindset. You can learn this technique at one of our RISE: Moving to Blue events.

Download the Resilience Flyer.