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COVID-19 Special Culture Bites Episode

Published on 26 Mar 2020

In the changing world organisations still need to function, leadership roles really kick in and people need to behave constructively despite what’s going on around them.

In the midst of COVID-19, we bring you a special episode of Culture Bites with our Chairman Shaun McCarthy, Head of Consulting Corinne Canter and host Dominic Gourley as they talk about what Human Synergistics are doing, how we are supporting you and our clients, and what everyone can do for their our mental health in this changing world.



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In these unprecedented times of uncertainty and change, opportunities exist for us all. This shift in how we are working creates the opportunity to focus our time, energy and effort on developing our leadership for this new world - the future of work has arrived. Join us for our six-part series, delivered via live webinars to help you develop the skills and capabilities required of leaders for our changing world - IN-Sights Leadership Skills in a Changing World

We have compiled a list of extra resources to help you through this changing world;
10 tips to help ride through the fallout of COVID-19
Virtual Debriefing
Staying constructive during Covid-19

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