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Corinne Canter & Rob Phipps - Catching Waves

Published on 17 Sep 2019

Corinne Canter - Head of Consulting, Human Synergistics Australia
Rob Phipps LLB., FCPHR.  - Managing Director, Evolvefast 

Catching Waves
The minute by minute posting, whether it be to LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram or Facebook means the trust equation has been turned on its head. Corporate spin has been neutralised, transparency is not discretionary. In this thought-provoking presentation, Rob and Corinne argue that organisations need a fresh and more sustainable mindset towards culture. Despite years of talking about the importance of culture, we still haven’t got it right. Culture isn’t a task, activity or program, it’s an environment. Like the ocean, culture isn’t something you control, it is something that you need to learn how to read and regularly care for to be kept clean, healthy and powerful. When you get it right, that’s when you can catch a long smooth wave of performance.

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