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How Culture Made Headlines in 2018

2018 was the year Culture made the Headlines – too often for all the wrong reasons. Shaun McCarthy and Dominic Gourley look back at the year that was.

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Blues Year's Resolutions

New Year's Eve is a time when people make resolutions about things they want to change and improve in the year ahead. Maybe you've made a resolution about changing your own thinking or behavior style. In this episode, Liana Sangster and Dominic Gourley talk about how to set and stick to goals for the year ahead:

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030 - Coaching Questions for Aggressive Styles

In part 2 of our coaching questions podcasts, Liana and Dominic discuss what questions you could ask when debriefing someone high in Aggressive/Defensive styles.

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Teams Paper; Working on 'We' - Building High Performing Teams Part 1

In this paper we share our perspectives on teams and what it takes to help teams be more effective

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Culture Bites - 023 Passive LSI Action Tips

We talk about some ideas of actions which you could use for people who are particularly high in the Passive Thinking and Behaviour styles.

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Culture Bites - 022 Dear C.B., My Manager is Cold

We answer a letter from a listener who has recently started a new job and has found their manager has become cold.

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Can You Use the LSI for Recruitment

We talk about how you can use your understanding of behavioural styles to hire constructive candidates. This episode is hosted by Liana Sangster and Dominic Gourley

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Culture Bites 020 - Tips and Tricks for LSI Debriefs

We discuss some tips for debriefing the Life Styles Inventory (LSI): Framing it up, finding their Why, Enquiry & Discovery, AAA, and staying constructive yourself. This episode of the podcast is hosted by Liana Sangster and Dominic Gourley.