Our Business Priorities and Corporate Social Responsibility underpins the goals we set as a company to influence meaningful societal and philanthropic outcomes and ethically-orientated practices.


Our Graditude


We acknowledge First Nations people both here in Australia and around the world. We thank First Nations people for the countless millennia of teaching, caring, learning, leadership and culture, and we pay our deepest respects to the wisdom of Indigenous people and customs past, present and emerging.

Women In Leadership


Human Synergistics is committed to supporting ongoing action for achieving equality in leadership.

We are dedicated to growing the critical mass of female leaders in politics, business and the media to truly disrupt the way decision making is done.

Homeward Bound


We are proud to support Homeward Bound, a ground-breaking, global leadership initiative, set against the backdrop of Antarctica, which aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in making decisions that shape our planet.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental-Sustainability-500px (1) 

Human Synergistics is committed to supporting sound environmental practices to ensure that future generations have the natural resources available to live in an equal, if not a better way of life as we do today. We have partnered with carbonhalo.com to help us reduce the impact our business has on the environment and create a healthier planet for us and future generations.