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12 Achievement Principles in Extreme Ownership

This article is a summary of the 12 core principles from the book Extreme Ownership by Jacko Willink and Leif Babin. This book is all about building high performing teams based on Achievement values. It’s great for leaders looking to build their own Achievement leadership style and building achievement within their teams.

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In The News: 'The workers who are worried their jobs will not exist in 10 years'

These are the workers who fear they will not have a job to go to in 10 years – and those who think they will never get replaced by robots.

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How I used LSI with Leaders - Gauri Maini

Gauri shares how she worked with a Leadership team to grow Net Sales Value, Operating Profit, and engagement - all in two years.

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10 Books You Should Read (+ how they relate to Human Synergistics)

10 Great business books and how they fit into the Human Synergistics Framework.

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White Paper: Beyond Employee Engagement

We examine both Culture and Climate (engagement) and present a systematic way of measuring and changing employee experience within organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

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In The News: Shaun in Business First Magazine - "Role of the Board"

There has been a lack of clarity around the role of the Board in organisational culture – particularly in terms of governance and management. But there is little doubt that Boards play a pivotal role in developing and changing an organisation’s culture.

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Conference Registrations Open!

Join us for our 19th Annual Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership - together we can 'change the world one organisation at a time®'

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Care Options: Culture in a Disrupted Industry

After a government reform disrupted the market, Care Options were having a tough time adjusting. Focus on building a Constructive Culture resulted in profits moving from -1.1% profit to +5.6% all while complaints went down and compliments went went up.